Kiln Dried Firewood Logs

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs

Kiln dried hard wood logs are available to buy throughout the year from Simpson Arboriculture. 

Long lengths of wood is split by our log splitting machine and then dried in large crates inside our heated kiln for up to a week to ensure the logs are dry and ready for burning.

Logs are chopped to an average size of 8 – 10” but can be cut bigger on special request, delivered in loose loads locally within 5 miles of Ancaster with no extra cost. (Further distances may have a small additional cost)

Load sizes from 1 to 30 Cubic Metres.

1 cubic metre of logs – £70

2 cubic metres of logs – £130

3 cubic metres of logs – £190

Telephone 01400 230492 or 07737 670397 to arrange delivery

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Wood chippings are available by the trailer load for use as fuel in bio-mass boilers, used as garden mulch or spread in paddocks to make tidy areas for chicken or horses 

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